Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gift Card baby shower poem

by Barb Emanuel
(Lee's Summit, Mo.)

Mindi is visiting by airplane, you see
So we're having a shower for baby and she
Her belly is big and her luggage is tight
An occassion like this makes a gift card just right!

by Sheri A

Baby Shower Gift Card Invitation

Mommy and Daddy now have twice the fun
They're welcoming yet another son!
Another little miracle to hug and love.
a precious gift from God above.

Mommy & Daddy will be happy for you to just come,
spend the day with them and welcome their son!
But if you feel that you must bring a gift to dote,
Please read below for a little note-

This little blessing is pretty much set!
Blankets, booties, clothes- these needs are all met!
This lucky family lacks items very few,
gift cards towards big items would be so helpful from you!

This family has everything needed to welcome a miracle new,
just missing a monitor, car seat, & stroller for two.
We can't wait to see you at the shower,
We just know this will be one of their finest hours!

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by Michele Dyer
(Bronx, NY, USA)

Tasteful Gift Suggestion Verse to add to the Invitation

This is a sweet and subtle way to suggest that baby shower guests give a gift card:

"If you have a doubt, give us a shout, and if shopping?s too hard, Please consider a Gift Card!!"

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